Rediscover Your Passion by Discovering What Inspires You to be Empowered for a Cause and Connect for a Purpose!

Woman Under Construction for God’s Purpose was founded by a simple desire to please and obey God when he called. This ministry was birthed out of inspiration, a passion to see women empowered for a cause and connect for a purpose!

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We help women rediscover their inspiration to walk in their passion. To move from inspiration to be empowered. To help women understand that everyone is equipped and everyone is called.


Once you rediscover your passion we help position you to be empowered to walk in the passion that you have had all along to make a difference by connecting your passion to a cause.


We help women understand how relationships matter. God makes room for your gift. He leads the way to connect you to great people. Relationships matter.

Founder of Women Under Construction for God’s Purpose Ministries

God’s plan for our lives is always better than the plan we could ever imagine for ourselves. This ministry was founded from God’s view and I am simply a vessel that acted upon the inspiration to be empowered for a cause that has led me to connect to other women of God that want to rediscover their inspiration to know that God also has equipped them to be empowered, and connected for a purpose! Your purpose is God’s plan for your future!

Minister Mayisol Lopez


Women Under Construction for God’s Purpose is a ministry for women birthed out of a passion to see women rediscover their inspiration, be empowered for a cause, and connect to other great women of God.

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