Where does your inspiration come from? How do you think about what surrounds you? These are the things that lead you to thinking about what truly inspires you. Is it colorful pictures, is it fashion, is it someone you look up to? Inspiration is all around us but we have to open our minds to understanding that when we are attracted to someone or something it is because something within us inspires us to connect. There is something about the color that you are looking at that sparks an emotion that says this is a color I really like. Or it is something about someone’s character that speaks to you and says this is a person I might want to think about having in my inner circle. Believe it or not this is all something that comes deep within you and that my friend is inspiration. You don’t see it or feel it but it is there. Much like our relationship with God. We don’t see him or we can’t physically touch him but we know that he is there.

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