To be empowered means to take a step forward. Empowered does not guarantee success but rather guarantees endurance. Endurance to move forward each day towards the purpose that God has for your life. There are times in life where the journey becomes difficult but when you walk empowered you know that God provides the strength you need to take another step in the journey when you feel weak. In fact, not only does He provide you with strength for the journey but in Isaiah 40: 29-31 ESV, it says that he gives power to the faint.

So, when you walk empowered it doesn’t mean that you will never struggle, or you will never become faint, or even that you will not feel moments of weakness. However, it does mean that in those times you will not need to rely on your own strength, and power but rather the strength and power that comes from God to see you through those difficult moments.

When you wait upon the Lord to provide you with the power and strength you need it goes on to say that you will mount up with wings like eagles. Moreover, in order for eagles to fly they must wait for what is called a wind thermal a gust of wind to come up underneath them so that they do not have to expend so much energy flapping their wings to fly but rather they can ride the wind current and soar.

To walk empowered doesn’t mean walking in circles. In fact, it doesn’t even mean walking confidently in your own strength. In fact, what it truly means is when we wait for that breath of God that moves us from Godly inspiration to empowerment we are assured that in moments when it may be difficult it provides us with His strength and power to help us endure for the long haul.

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