The Measure of Success

I pray that as you read this you are inspired to see success differently. What is success? Well, according to the Miriam-Webster Dictionary the first definition is “a degree or measure of succeeding”, the second definition is “favorable or desired outcome”, and the last definition is “the attainment of wealth, favor, or eminence”. Although, that is the definition according to Miriam-Webster Dictionary, it really doesn’t help us truly understand success. However, it does provide a starting point.

If I am solely to base my experience on the definition provided this is what my success looks like. I write this blog to inspire others. The measure or degree of my success is based on how many people follow the blog because it tells me that people want to be inspired, empowered, and connected. In fact, I could also presume that the content that I write adds value to their daily lives otherwise they would not follow the blog. My desired outcome is that people who read the blog will be inspired, empowered, and connected for a cause to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others. My hope is that they will from time to time click on the links in the blog posts because I have placed them their not for myself but because I feel that additional wisdom, and knowledge is the beginning of true understanding that will help them on their journey. While, my intention is to add value to their lives should they click on the blog posts it may also add wealth to my life, even increase the popularity of the blog. Let’s be honest no one gets wealthy by one or two people clicking on a link in your blog. But is this truly success?

Now let’s look at the biblical definition of success. According to the NAS Exhaustive Concordance to be successful is to act or behave wisely, to consider, to show discernment, to gain insight, to instruct, to have intelligence about something, to give attention to something, to fail at something.

So, if I were to define my level of success by the word of God it would look like this. The Lord gave me the insight to start a blog that would inspire, empower, and connect people for a cause. He has provided the inspiration from the Holy Spirit that dwells in me to discern the things that I have experienced that have produced wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to illuminate the minds of those who are looking to be inspired, connected, and empowered for a cause. As I make decisions that affect the lives of those who read the blog posts I have to make wise, intelligent choices in regards to the things the Lord places on my heart to share so that it draws them closer to God. In this way they can experience the fullness of everything that God has for them in order for them to achieve the success that God has planned for them so that they may also prosper. I may not be successful in everything that I set out today but God understands that, and he has made room for failure to be a part of the process for being successful. So, tomorrow is another opportunity to try, try again.

What is the difference between the worlds’ definition of success and God’s definition of success? If you notice the worlds’ definition is not people centered but wealth centered. The world outcome or measure of success is determined by how much money you make not how many people you inspire, empower, or connect to for a cause. However, God’s definition of success is people centered. It is measured by how many people you can reach to inspire, empower, and connect for a cause. In fact, success then is not based on whether you make $5.00 or a million but rather did I inspire someone today? Did I empower someone to walk in their calling? How many people started connecting for a cause because of this blog post? If, I failed to meet my own expectations I know that God covers me with his grace and tomorrow is another day to start over. God’s definition of success is not measured by money but by our obedience to walk in the very thing He inspired us to do.

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