Opportunity Knocking

Good morning! I pray you are all well! Today as I awoke the Lord placed these two words on my heart “Opportunity Knocking“. I thought Lord what opportunities could their possibly be for me. I am a retired housewife, currently studying to get my Masters in Biblical Studies and Business Leadership. In addition, I am the president of a homeowners association board. What opportunity is knocking?

Have you ever sat in that place where the Lord tugs on your heart and you are like okay God what is it? Well, that was me this morning. As I sat and thought about my week I sifted through the moments. In fact, there were so many I decided to categorize them by importance. There was the moment of waking up in the morning to see my husband off to work. That is one of my favorite moments. Then there was the moment of having to get up and ready to hit the books. Well, that is somewhat a good moment but it does sometimes place me under some pressure. Finally, there are those moments where I have an “opportunity” to witness and pray with others. Yes, those are my most rewarding moments! Opportunity knocking!

This week I had the amazing privilege to pray for other parents and their children. Can I tell you that the most rewarding opportunities in life do not always have a dollar bill assigned to them. In fact, they probably never have a dollar bill assigned to them but it is the lifelong connection, and the experience of knowing that you planted a seed, and perhaps changed a life that has you in the clouds for the rest of the day, maybe even weeks or months. Opportunity knocking!

As a result I have scheduled time to pray with these parents and we came up with a plan to start a parent prayer circle. The Bible says do not despise small beginnings (Zechariah 4:10, ESV). The fulfillment of your promise might be tied to your prayer for someone else’s promise. After praying for these parents I received a text from my own adult child asking to talk. Now to some of you that may seem normal but when you have a child that is very introverted that is a God thing. Don’t dismiss “Opportunity Knocking” when it seems so small because that so small thing may be the very thing that moves you towards the fulfillment of your promise! Be inspired, impacted, and connected for a cause!

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