Live the Dream

Have you ever had a dream? You know that dream that God places in your spirit to do something amazing? That dream that supersedes anything you can imagine? That dream that connects you to God’s purpose? Have you ever noticed that the dream is never small? Have you ever noticed that the dream always involves a way to be in relationship with others? Have you ever noticed that the dream always meets a need? Those are God dreams! They inspire, empower and connect for a cause to serve God’s purpose to connect or join people outside and inside the body of Christ. Do I have your attention?

What happens to the dream once God places it in your hands? I believe many times individuals never realize the dream because they don’t know how. In fact, they find themselves lost in the land of “how am I going to do this” with no direction. When all it takes is one simple step of faith. Abraham took a step of faith when God told him to build the ark. I can’t imagine building an ark during a time when none existed. What would have happened to Esther’s people had she not trusted God? Where would Joseph have ended up had he not believed the dream? Yet, today with all of the tools, resources, and technology available to us today individuals still fail to realize the dream. God gives you the dream, the purpose, the direction. The only thing God does not do for you is force you to walk it out. Instead He allows you to choose whether to live them dream or not.

A God dream is never about the person but about the purpose of reaching others through love by meeting a need. In fact, the dream is always about what you can do for others to bring them into a closer relationship with God. A God dream will always be the answer to someone else’s prayer. It’s never about money but all about relationship. The blessing is birthed out of your obedience to walk out the dream that God places in your hand. When God places a dream in your hands it is yours to carry out if you choose. He did not give it to your brother, your sister, your mother or even you father. He gave it to you! Now you have to decide to act in faith to live the dream for God’s purpose. You have what it takes otherwise God would have given it to someone else, but instead he chose you! Now what are you going to do with it?

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