Contagious Extreme Faith

Today I want to talk about contagious extreme faith. I had this word on my heart since last week. As I was sleeping, I heard the prompting of the Holy Spirit say “have extreme faith“. I know it’s a little crazy. We are living through a pandemic; but God said, “have extreme faith“.

This all started because I started to remind God about a dream I had. In fact, I started to have a conversation with God. I said “God, remember that dream?”, as if God would forget it. But I said “You know God, that dream about the house with the barn?”. All I heard was silence. I paused for a moment, to see if I heard his still small voice, just as I was about to move on God said “I need you to have extreme faith“.

Then I started to think about the word of God. In fact, I started to ask; What does extreme faith look like in the bible? Then I started to think about the prophets. I thought about all the miracles that the prophets performed. I said, “Lord the prophets had extreme faith“. Then, suddenly a thought came to me. In fact, I said to myself, “Every time the Lord used a prophet with extreme faith to perform a miracle in someone else’s life that prophet’s faith was contagious. Moreover, not only did it increase the faith of the person waiting on a miracle; but those who witnessed the miracle had their faith increased.

My question to you today is are you the person with extreme faith? Are you holding the provision to someone else’s miracle in your hand? Or are you the person waiting for the miracle so that your faith can be increased? In fact, I believe that God wants our extreme faith to be infectiously contagious. Furthermore, He wants our extreme faith to be the answer to someone else’s lack of faith, so that it can produce the miracle in their life!

If you need a miracle, then I give you what I have in my hand. I give you an extreme faith filled prayer that will increase your faith to produce a miracle.

Father, I thank you for this amazing opportunity to pour out into others extreme faith. Faith to believe that this pandemic is not going to last forever. Extreme faith to believe Lord that you are the one who controls the economy, and they will lack no good thing. Extreme faith to be full of the peace that comes from God, so that they do not need to worry or become anxious for anything. Extreme faith to know that you are Jehovah Rapha our healer. You are the Lord that protects us with the shield of extreme faith from every challenge, every battle that might come our way. Lord, you are the one who hears our petitions from heaven and you answer them. Thank you that we can trust you Lord to be our provision, to feed us, shelter us, clothe us, protect us, and guide us. Lord I pray with extreme faith that heavens be open to release whatever miracles the individual reading this prayer may need whether it be food, shelter, finances, healing, stability, emotional healing, freedom from depression, freedom from oppression, favor in the work place, healing in their families, healing in their relationships. Whatever, the miracle is father; I pray that you open up the heavens and release the blessing of the miracle over their lives. I pray father that this prayer produce extreme faith in the lives of those that believe and even in the lives of those that don’t believe. I pray that this prayer encourage extreme faith to move people to a place where it produces extreme faith in others to activate them to believe God to release the miracles that have been stored up for them over their lives. May they have infectious contagious extreme faith. In the name of Almighty God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit Amen!

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