Stay Focused on the Flame

This morning I awoke with the following verse on my heart:

I was reminded of a story that a friend shred with me. Once there was a woman who was an active member in her church. Although, she enjoyed spending time in God’s house over time she became distracted by the things happening in the church. While there were both good and bad things happening her attention seemed to focus more on the bad. In fact, over time it began to affect how she felt about church all together. Consequently, she became unhappy over time. With this in mind she made the decision to give her pastor notice of her leaving.

She asked to speak to the pastor and the pastor waived her into the office. She shared that over time she has become unhappy because she sees things in the church that are not right. The pastor paused for a moment, then thanked her for her service and said before you leave would you do one last thing? The woman answered of course. He then went on to say would you mind bringing a candle to service next Sunday and lighting the flame. While it is lit could you walk around the perimeter of the church until service is over and be sure not to let the flame go out. Then, he asked her to come back and speak with him after the service. Although, the woman thought it a strange request she complied.

The following Sunday the woman brought the candle to church lit it and as the service was going on she circled the perimeter of the church watching to make sure that the flame did not go out. When service was over she went back to speak to the pastor. Moreover, the pastor looking at her intently asked her what did you see as you walked around the church watching the candle so that the flame would not blow out? The woman responded by saying “nothing”. He said, “exactly when you come to church you should be so focused on God like you were focused on the flame that everything going on around you does not matter.

As I thought about it this morning I thought of it a bit differently. When we go to the house of the Lord we should be so focused on God that it continues to ignite the flame within us. Individuals should not permit the enemy to use distractions to to dim the flame of God within them. Instead of being anxious placing your focus on what is going on around you bring it before the Lord in prayer and petition with thanksgiving, make your request known to God, and the peace of God which transcends all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:6-7,. ESV). Focus on God not the mess and God will take care of the rest. Keep the flame lit.

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