Inspired, Empowered, Connected: What Did God Say?

Have you or someone you loved ever been in that place of hearing the voice of God? God said something to you. Not your mom, dad, sister, brother, husband, wife or even your pastor. God said something to you. I have had a “God said” moment in my life. I am sure many of you have had a “God said” moment in your lives as well.

Well, what do we know about what God says? What does God’s word teach us about what God says? The Bible is full of “God said” moments. From the beginning God said to Adam you can eat from any tree in the garden but do not eat from the tree of good and evil because you will certainly die (Genesis 2:16-17, NIV). Some, may say well Adam did not die after he ate from the tree. Yes Adam was still alive but God was not speaking of physical death, He was speaking of spiritual death. Adam and Eve could have lived an eternity with God in the garden never experiencing any type of death but instead they went against what “God said”. This teaches us that when we have a “God said” moment we must be careful to listen and do exactly as He says because there are consequences to disobedience.

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In fact, this also shows individuals that you have a choice. Despite, the fact that it is God speaking and providing direction God allows you to choose what to do with your “God said” moment. Whatever action an individual takes could have a reward or a consequence based on how an individual chooses to respond to God.

Well, how do we know that? Let us take a look at the woman with the pots of oil. The bible says that she was a woman who had gotten into some financial trouble. In fact, in that day the law of Moses indicated that if you were not able to pay your debts you would have to offer yourself up or your sons as hired servants to pay back the debt. In this woman’s case the creditor never required her husband to pay the debt but instead required it of her upon his death.

But the woman has a “God said” moment. Elisha the prophet was concerned for the woman and wondered how he might be of help. Sometimes God will work through a person to give you a “God said” moment. Elisha goes to the woman and says “What do you have?”. The woman said, “I have a jug of oil”. Elisha tells the woman go and borrow as many empty vessels as you can from your neighbors. The woman does what Elisha asks. Then Elisha tells her to fill the empty vessels with the oil in the jug. She didn’t question she just started to pour. She did exactly as she was instructed to do. All the vessels that she had borrowed were full of oil. Oil in that day was a valuable commodity. God rewarded her action of faith and obedience with blessing. God could have done the miraculous and automatically cancelled her debt but God was teaching her that He was her provision.

The one thing we know about a “God said” moment that is certain is that sometimes they may not happen in the way we expect or in the way that we want or even in the timing that we want but what is always certain about God’s word is that it will happen.

So if you have had a “God said” moment and you are just waiting on the Lord and you are wondering when God when? Just wait, continue to be faithful because it is not a matter of how quick God responds, it is a matter of that He will complete the word that He is has given you; if you just act in faith, wait in obedience and trust God that his “God said” shall come to pass according to the plan and the purpose He has for your life. According to God’s will and perfect timing. Because what “God Says” never returns void. It always produces what it was sent to produce.

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