Inspired, Empowered, Connected to Christ for Christ

Inspired, empowered, connected to Christ for Christ. Is this the reason for so many messages, so many pod casts, so many social media posts? Are they inspired, empowered, connected to Christ for Christ? Or is there another motivation? It is important to ask; Who is the source? What is their motive? Is it for Christ or is it for self?

Are they Christ seeking or self seeking? Christs seeks to inspire someone in their abilities, empower them for his will and purpose, and connect them for the cause of Christ which is to fulfill the great commission. So, the question then becomes what is the motive for the message, the pod cast, or the social media post etc.? What is the intention? Are they seeking to be the light of the world in a dark place by their self influence or their Christ mindedness? Does the message that they bring inspire hope in God or hope in things or what you can get from God?

Are they empowered to bring unity to the body of Christ or are they empowered by what their followers can provide? Are they connected for God’s cause or are they connected because it brings them temporary fame or prosperity? What is the motive? Isn’t that what the Apostle Paul warned of? In fact, as Paul leaves for Ephesus he leaves Timothy in place to urge the false teachers to stop teaching false doctrines (1 Timothy, 1:3, (NET). The Bible is clear there are those who teach truth and then there are those who teach falsities. Furthermore, individuals need to be able to discern between the two. Moreover, the only way to do that is to measure their words not against another teacher, preacher, apostle or even a prophet but to measure them against the living word of God which is the Bible. Consequently, if more people would go home and study the teaching that they heard against the word of God there probably would be less false teachers. Because who would go and listen to a word that they know is not true?

God in his word gives us examples of what it means to please the world and what it means to please God. Time and time again He teaches by way of His word the Bible to not be boastful in ones self but to be selfless not self-seeking but to serve without expecting anything in return (Romans 2:8, ESV). In fact, the word of God teaches that when an individual seeks God with all of their heart then everything else shall be added on to them (Matthew 6:33). It is important to note, that the word of God does not say to chase after riches, or man made glory, or wealth or even fame, but it states to seek after the heart of God.

What is God’s heart? God’s heart is for not one to be lost. For not one to be missed. For not one to lose the opportunity to be rescued out of the hands of the enemy for His kingdom purpose. Is your message inspiring hope? Is your message empowering others to return to Him? Is your message one that connects and rescues? Perhaps, the fields are ripe in the world, but there are few laborers willing to harvest it?

Today take a moment to reflect. Ask yourself what am I doing with the time God has given you, the abilities, the gifts, the talents to do not what you want but what God wants. Change your motive, prioritize your agenda by putting God’s purpose first and watch God edify the people around you through inspiration, empowerment, and connection by the power of God that is within you to change a heart of a nation one person at a time.

I have personally read this book and I was amazed about just how much I did not know about God. If you are looking to go deeper with God I highly recommend reading this book.

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