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In the past week I have been pondering a passage of scripture found in Luke 12:1-7, ESV. There was a crowd of thousands gathered. There were so many people that they were literally on top of each other. Yet Jesus, did not address the crowd, but instead spoke to the disciples. Why? Because he was making a distinction between the people of God and the Pharisees. In fact, Jesus said to the disciples watch out for those that act like the Pharisees whose hearts do not match their lifestyle. In other words, they appear to be Godly but in the hidden places of their heart they are not. Consequently, Jesus was not complaining about them. Moreover, he made an observation which revealed their ungodly character hidden in their hearts. He was exposing to the disciples ungodly intentions or motives that manifest themselves outwardly when they are revealed by God. Notice, I did not say revealed by men but by God.

I want to pause there for just a moment. As I pondered this passage the spirit of the Lord spoke to my heart and said, “revelation of ungodly character is not an individual complaining to bring a person low, but rather God revealing what was hidden in the hearts of men, so that when exposed the individual can be restored to wholeness and brought high”. Consequently, in the Lord speaking to my heart He made a distinction between an observation and complaining. God is the one who reveals and exposes ungodly character. Have we somehow misinterpreted someone’s good intentions to provide information through observation to expose ungodly character as complaining?

Again, I am only speaking from the revelation of God’s spirit poured into my heart. As a believer I have a responsibility to weigh whether God is revealing ungodly character or whether someone is complaining. How can an individual know the difference? Well, I mentioned that revelation of hidden things when exposed for the betterment of the body is not complaining. Rather, it is information provided so that individuals can grow, be restored, made whole and brought high. On the other hand, complaining is quite the opposite this is an individual who brings forth information not for the betterment of the body of Christ or the growth of the individual whose ungodly character has been exposed but for their own selfish ambition.

The Pharisees had been following Jesus around from place to place. This was not His first encounter with them. He knew a little something about them. Jesus’s observation was probably not something that occurred in that moment but rather over time. The disciples had also been following Jesus. In fact, the disciples had also been observing the Pharisees. The disciples also knew a thing or two about the Pharisees. I found it interesting that both followed Jesus yet although both followed not both displayed the attributes of God.

This is a good moment to pause and do some self-reflection. Do our hearts actions, and attitudes display both inwardly and outwardly the attributes of God? When an individuals motives are for selfish ambition instead of God’s will; are they acting like a Pharisee or a disciple? Both followed Jesus. Jesus took his observation of what was hidden in the hearts to expose their bad behavior as a teaching moment for the disciples. Jesus taught the disciples that your heart has to match your lifestyle. An individual can’t say they are a follower of Jesus but be angry towards their brothers. An individual can’t say they are a follower of Jesus but not know how to receive correction. An individual can’t say they are a follower of Jesus but not know how to serve humbly. Why? Because eventually after some observation the things that are hidden in the individuals heart like anger, bitterness, selfish ambition, dishonesty will be revealed. How are they revealed? Well, according to this passage Jesus made an observation. Our responsibility as followers of Jesus is always to weigh whether the information someone is providing is God revealing or exposing ungodly character that has been observed over time to bring correction in a form of teaching. In fact, we should be careful not to see everything as a complaint and look for the intention of heart of the person who is bringing forth the revelation through observation.

I found it very interesting that Jesus called what was hidden in the hearts of the Pharisees “yeast”. Yeast is a form of a fungus that starts out very small under certain conditions and as it continues to ferment it starts to grow and multiply. If left unnoticed it will kill the very thing it is attached to. People within the body of Christ should be producing fruit not yeast. That is why the word of God tells us that believers will be known by their fruits (Matthew 7:15-20, ESV). As followers of Jesus we have to watch out for the “yeast” because it is a fungus that will kill the body.

Transformation of the heart happens when you take time to sit at the feet of Jesus. Sometimes individuals within the body are so busy doing, that they have forgotten to be at the best place where they can sit and be taught the word of God.

Why should this concern the body of Christ? I believe in my heart of hearts that what Jesus was teaching the disciples was a life lesson. In fact, Jesus was teaching them to be careful, be on guard, watch out for the hidden things of the heart because like a fungus ungodly character will slowly kill the body of Christ.

God loves us. To God we are more valuable than even the sparrows. His desire is for not one to be lost. God will reveal the hidden things in the hearts of men that He has observed, not to bring them low but to bring them high. To be inspired, empowered, and connected we have to be able to receive loving Godly correction from those that God has placed as a covering over our lives when God reveals what has been exposed in the hearts of men.

I have personally read the book below and it was a blessing to have been able to go deeper and really know God. I highly encourage those who want to have a deeper relationship with the Lord to take the time to read this book. It will provide you with a much more intimate relationship with God not only as savior but as father.

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