Hello, I am so glad you have landing on this page! I have journeyed through life always with the belief that God was always with me. Through good and bad times I believed that God was my co-pilot. There were times when the journey seemed long, hard, and arduous but through it all God kept me. First, my passion and my calling is to inspire woman to discover the plan God has for them. Second, to empower them to live out the plan God has for them and encourage them to achieve it. Lastly to help them to make Godly connections with other women who will do the same! This ministry is my passion, and my calling from the Lord. Give me an opportunity to help you discover your calling and your passion! I believe we are all under construction the clay in the potter’s hands! But I know your wondering what qualifies me to provide teaching and guidance?

Let me just share a little bit about my credentials with you. I have a degree in Biblical leadership with a concentration in Psychology. I am currently pursuing my masters in Biblical Leadership and Organizational Management through Grace Christian University. I am a licensed Minister and I co-lead a women’s ministry in my local community. In addition, I am the founder of Women Under Construction for God’s Purpose Ministries.

Thoughts to Live By

In a season of uncomfortability always move in inspiration, be empowered for a cause, and seek to connect to great people.

To inspire others you must first rediscover your passion. To be empowered you need to know who you are in Christ. To be connected to others you must first connect yourself to God.

You are enough. Be the person God created you to be. Follow the path He has set for you. The path God sets for you will always lead you to a purposeful life.