Inspired, Empowered, Connected: Who Was Jochebed?

We all know who Moses was. We all know who Pharaohs’ daughter was. Some might even know who his sister and brother were. But do we know who Jochebed was? That is my question as we dive in today. As I was pondering and reflecting a thought came into my mind this morning. I heard that still, small voice say, “do it afraid without fear of the future”. That is when I thought about Jochebed in the bible. I did not know her name, but I knew her faith. I knew that this was the mother of Moses. Most of us probably know as just that the biological mother of Moses. But do we know her?

This was a woman who found herself living in a difficult situation. She was a slave in Egypt. I cannot imagine what it must have been like living in a world where you were thought of as less than human. Yet that is where she found herself. Imagine, falling in love or even having a family during that period. Yet Jochebed, experienced that because we all know her story. She became pregnant with Moses. So, here she is in the middle of Egypt pregnant, knowing that there was a decree that they would kill all the firstborn male children. But she did something that no one thought of doing at that time. She decided that her son would live. Jochebed along with her husband Amram hid Moses for three months after his birth. We all know the story Jochebed weaved a basket, pitched it with tar in faith that it would not sink, then asked Miriam to put Moses in the Nile River. Was Jochebed afraid? I imagine that she was, but her faith was greater than her fear. Jochebed’s name might not be remembered in the story, but her actions will forever be remembered. She is the mother who decided I am going to do it afraid. I am going to stand in faith without fear of the future. In other words, I might be put in shackles for believing in an impossible dream, but I am going to do it in faith anyway without fear of the future. Who was Jochebed? She is every person who is in a difficult circumstance, surrounded by individuals who have never stepped out of their comfort zone in faith for a greater purpose. She is every person who decided to step out of their comfort zone in faith to win the battle over fear. Fear will keep you in your prison where faith will lead you to a greater purpose. If God gave you a specific purpose, but you find yourself surrounded by conformity step out in faith, to believe God for the greater purpose, without fear of the future and trust God for the result.

I am surprised many only know her story but do not know her name. This one-woman had great faith. There were perhaps many women in Egypt who were enslaved and knew the same God of Jochebed and had faith. But there was only one woman who stepped out in faith despite her circumstances to do it afraid and that was Jochebed. Sometimes we look at the dreamer who is starting a ministry as though they are the enemy. As though they are crazy. As though they have missed the mark. However, could it be that they are like Jochebed? They are stepping out in faith in the middle of the negativity, in the middle of the circumstances, despite who they are surrounded by, and saying I am doing what I believe God called me to do in faith despite my fear because I believe in God’s greater purpose for the future and I trust God for the result. No one here may remember her name, but God in heaven I am sure does. It takes me back to that place in the bible where it states that our reward will be great in heaven. It also reminds me that her heart intention was not for personal gain, but for the love of God and her people. She was trying to solve a problem for her people, and the only way she knew how was to believe God, stand in faith, and do it afraid.

Do you have a dream that God has placed in your heart? Perhaps, you are not reading this by coincidence. Perhaps, this is God’s way of giving you that little push that you need to stand in faith, believe the promise he has spoken over your life, and do it afraid.

Woman Under Construction for God’s Purpose!

Women Under Construction for God’s Purpose

Opportunity is knocking? The question remains are you going to step out in faith, despite the fear and believe God for His purpose over your life?

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